GIANTS QB Kyle Lauletta arrested one the way to … practice. #icant

According to Daily News, reports have Giants QB Kyle Lauletta was arrested while driving to a Giants practice facility located in East Rutherford NJ. Apparently he was arrested for not following traffic direction given by police and according to reports, nearly running  the Policeman over.  

Story has it: Lauletta was attempting to make a turn from the wrong lane and even after being told to “keep straight”, Lauletta ignored the command nearly running that policeman over but was stopped by another cop at the end of the ramp. However, that’s not the end of the story. According to NFL news, Once Lauletta accelerated the gas, nearly hitting the officers,  he then cut off other cars in the process and when he was finally stopped, He refused to lower his window or step out of the vehicle. For more in depth on this story go to: