The "Catch me outside girl" gets signed to Atlantic Records!


According to reports! This shit just in! Do you remember that one episode of Dr.Phil that went viral with this little girl on the show getting called out for disrespecting and fighting her mom? There were memes of her “catch me outside” blah blah blah, she spoke with “street slang” what we would call a “hood chick/bitch”. Now what happened is her little attitude and disrespect for her mom not only got her the attention that she DIDN’T really deserve but it landed her a Multi-million dollar deal with Atlantic Records..

The “Catch me outside girl” gets signed to Atlantic Records!

Here is the deal. The record isn’t that bad!  Or it’s not as bad as you would expect to be believe it or not. I’m just upset or confused at the fact of the way she was put on! Does this mean that we now have to worry about our daughters disrespecting their mom/parents even more so now than  ever because there was this “loop hole”? Dani Brigolli is her name.. Here is another kicker! her 1 videos garner 22million views AND made top 100 on billboards #77! One of her songs garner  8mill views! Look, I’m not trying to knock anybody’s hustle, however, her success started off of disrespecting her mom.

Here is the deal tho. Lets look at it like this. Lets hope that during her success, she is reconciled with mom and is making things better. Hopefully, Atlantic put that in a contract (yeah right) BUT! Eminem came up doing something similar.. NO? It’s been a big year for women this year. Slut walk with Amber Rose, Cardi B out the strip club to having the #2 record in the country and now this. i am not shitting on Cardi B! We love her and proud of her. Some of us even with Amber Rose because she does it with “class” but this one here! We gonna have to wait and see, but, the crazy thing is… She’s not that bad.. Smh.. leave a comment let me know what you think!

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