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50cent says He believes he can top “POWER” with new series “BLACK MAFIA FAMILY”

Rapper mogul turned Executive Producer and actor mogul 50cent has yet embarked on yet another opportunity to potentially outdo himself. 50cent is the executive producer for hit series “POWER” and is now received the blessings from former BMF leader BIG MEECH last August in a letter sent from jail to 50cent.  to show the truth behind the “BLACK MAFIA FAMILY” BMF story. 50cent has also announced that all contracts with the writers for the series are all set and their in communication with former members to get the truth behind the whole “BMF” rise and fall.


Ok, so for those who DON’T KNOW what BMF was or what it stood for. BMF (BLACK MAFIA FAMILY) was a drug trafficking organization based out of DETROIT MI, established in the 80’s by 2 brothers Demetrius  and Terry Flenory. Direct links were made with the Mexican Cartel and the drug trafficking began  up until 2005. D.E.A claims  an estimated $270 mill was made just during the course of the conspiracy (which means that son made wayyyyy more than that lol). 

According to XXL 50 also states that “This I believe can top POWER. but when you see this season of Power  you will not believe how good it is. SMH”.

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