Black girl who thinks she’s White TREASURE get’s exposed by her sister ON VIDEO saying that “IT’S ALL A BIG LIE” !!

Recently famed TV show host Dr. Phil had a guest on his show. 16 year female named Treasure that exclaims that she is not a Black girl but she is actually White. The interview caused an up roar in conversation but not necessarily “hate” but more so a very deep concern for the 16 year old girl. Dr. Phil had Treasure and her Mom on his stage trying to figure out exactly why would this beautiful young lady feel like she’s a White female when she is clearly a Black. During the intervention, Treasure exclaimed that she was a White girl because of her hair being straight, the way she spoke and a bunch of other things that would make you cringe, but after a while, you almost feel sorry for her because then you begin to think she may suffering from an identity crisis, some sort of bullying may be going on or something is just wrong with her mentally… Maybe.. Well! “maybe” is exactly it! Treasures’s sister takes to YOU TUBE and exposes all the truth on a live feed! She let’s it all go too! Peep the video!;
Video credit to: KNOW THE LEDGE SHOW