Bill Cosby jury selection is done and ready to take next step toward trial

Accomplished Comedian and actor Dr. Bill Cosby was brought up on charges of rape and a slew of other sexual related charges that stem way back from the 70’s. due to statue of limitations and some false stories (who would’ve ever thought lol) a lot of the cases were dismissed as it stands Bill Cosby is going to trial to determine the alleged drugging and  molestation of former Temple University basket ball manager Andrea Constand back in 2004 at his Philadelphia home according to reports.

So a jury selection was done for this. Now! here is the kicker. 100 will be selected and 12 will be chosen to sit i  court and hear the case and all it’s details and there is an alternate selection as well.  this process is taken into consideration that something happens to one or more of the “selected 12”. In this case the alternate 6 will also sit in the court to hear the case.

Of the 12 jurors “2” are black. 1 woman and 1 male both in their 30’s and the rest of the jurors were white.

Alternate: 6 were selected and of the 6 -“2”- were black. One male and one female. according to reports.

Two jurors was stricken by Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill. 11 were quickly chosen from the first batch of 100 in 2 days according to reports. it’s also stated that a white man was let go do to “very personal reasons ” but was replaced by a white woman. This woman was selected out of the second batch of 93 jurors called in for questioning.  1 guy (juror) took to social media about his involvement in the case when he wasn’t supposed to by stating “I’m not supposed to talk about it but I got picked for Cosby”.  Needless to say, he won’t be on the jury.

However, Cosbys lawyers complained that prosecutors were trying to keep blacks off of the jury. The judge dismissed the claim finding no racial bias although the 2women were black.. smh..

Cosby is 79 years old.

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