“All Eyez on Me” Tupac movie /review

Let me start by saying, I haven’t seen the movie “All EyEz On Me” of legendary rapper Tupac Shakaur. However! 50 cent has.. 50 cent takes to twitter today and post that the movie was trash and that he wants his money back!  He also stated and is advising people to wait for it to come out on fire stick. John Singleton (a director) is the one who told 50 cent that the movie was garbage. In disbelief 50 went to see it himself… he hated it!  50 has room to comment because he has hit show POWER and now the Big Meech movie.. sooo.. yeah..

Now thats not the only person that had something to say. Accomplished actress Mrs Jada Pincket-Smith took to her twitter and spoke on her side of things. Not necessarily saying she didn’t like the movie but she did say that there were parts that weren’t true. Like, she never saw Tupac before he left her for the last time to further his career. She also said that “Tupac never read her a poem” as shown in the movie. The “poem” she said she’s never heard that poem (read to her character in the movie) until she read it in his book.

Jt news reports the acting was good but it was over 2 hours long.

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